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knitted mini christmas stockings

UPDATE: November 2015.

There is a brand new PDF file for this pattern that you can download for free here. Stocking Pattern Link: download now.


I knit this stocking flat because I don't enjoy knitting in the round and prefer working fair Isle and intarsia designs this way.



I tend to work it on double pointed needles because during heel shaping you need to switch from working one side to the other. You can knit it on regular needles but slide the work across onto a second needle at appropriate time. Apart from the stocking top it is worked in stocking stitch (knit on right side and purl on reverse)



oddments of yarn. I prefer to knit these on 2.75 mm needles with pure cotton 4ply but the pattern will knit up with whatever you prefer. Note, obviously the larger the needle size and thicker the yarn, the larger the finished stocking. Before you start, decide which colour you are going to knit the heel in and cut a length at least 110cm (44”) keep to one side for second heel shaping*.


Cast on 25 sts, **(27 if knitting one of the stranded designs charted below)
rows 1 - 3: knit
row 4: (right side) begin pattern from charts below (if required)
work a total of 14 rows of pattern ending with a wrong side row.
**if working in one of the stranded / fairisle designs: on last wrong side row of pattern chart decrease 1 stitch at either end to give 25 stitches


Stocking chart2


Start at the bottom of the chart for the pattern charts

Heel shaping:
I like to use different coloured yarn to accentuate heel. The heel is worked in 2 halves.
row 18: with right side facing, k7 and turn leaving remaining stitches on needle
row 19: slip 1, p6
repeat these 2 rows 3 more times until 8 rows of heel have been worked
row 26: k3, k2tog through the back, k1, turn leaving 1 remaining stich of heel on needle (see photo step 1)



row 27: slip 1, p4
row 28: k2, k2tog through the back, turn leaving remaining 2 stiches on needle
row 29: slip 1, p2
row 30: k2, k2tog through the back, k1, turn
row 31: slip 1, p3
leaving these 4 stitches on needle with the main part of the stocking, slide all the work along needle, turn with wrong side facing and resume working the other side of the heel (see photo step 2).



reverse row 18: with wrong side facing and using 110cm length of yarn cut earlier*, p7 and turn leaving remaining stitches on needle
reverse row 19: slip 1, k6
repeat these 2 rows 3 more times until 8 rows of heel have been worked
reverse row 26: p3, p2tog, p1, turn leaving 1 remaining stich of heel on needle
reverse row 27: slip 1, k4
reverse row 28: p2, p2tog, turn leaving remaining 2 stiches on needle
reverse row 29: slip 1, k2
reverse row 30: p2, p2tog, p1, turn
reverse row 31: slip 1, k3

row 32: with right side facing rejoin main colour and begin knitting across first 4 stitches of heel shaping, pick up 5 stitches from inside edge of heel (see photo step 3), knit 11 stitches across main part of stocking, pick up 5 stitches from inside edge of 2nd heel half and knit final 4 stitches (29 stitches on needle) (see photo step 4)




row 33: purl
row 34: K8, k2tog, k9, k2tog through the back, k8
row 35: p7, p2tog through the back, p9, p2tog, p7
row 36: K6, k2tog, k9, k2tog through the back, k6 (23 stitches)
row 37: purl
work a further 8 rows of stocking stitch (knit on right side, purl on reverse)
row 46: with right side facing change colour for toe cap (see photo step 5) and work 2 rows



row 48: K3, K2tog through the back, k4, k2tog, k1, k2tog through the back, k4, k2tog, k3
row 49: purl
row 50: K3, K2tog through the back, k2, k2tog, k1, k2tog through the back, k2, k2tog, k3 (15 stitches) (see photo step 6)



row 51: purl

Making Up:

Cut work from the ball leaving a long end for sewing up. Thread end through 15 stitches on needle (see photo step 7) and pull up tight.



Join seam running up bottom and back of stocking using mattress stitch (see photo step 8).



Turn inside out and tie up all ends securely and trim - no need to sew them in. Turn right side out.

Hanging loop: cast on 35 stitches and then cast them off. Double strip over to make a loop and sew to back of stocking. Secure with a cute button.


Copyright © Julie Williams 2005.

There are lots of ideas for adapting the design of this pattern (for instance adding numbers to make an advent calendar) over on ravelry:



Sylvia Stevens

I have just read the Christmas stocking pattern and the comments on your newsletter (e-mail)
I am going to try these for two girl teens and a 10 year old boy, who live next door. They are from Japan and I thin they would enjoy these. I will fill them of course with goodies.
Hopefully I can get them finished in the next week or so.

Laura Dana

Thank you so much for this pattern. I made several mini stockings and they turned out great. Such nice little gifts for my family.


What lovely patterns, definitly going to bookmark these.
Thankyou so much for sharing


This is a brilliant pattern, many thanks for sharing. Lois


These are great patterns! I'm going to have to plan these for next year, though. Thank you for your time and effort in making these available to your fellow knitters.


Thank you for an uber-cute pattern and a fascinating way of working a sock!


I discovered your site by googling "mini knit Christmas stocking", and these adorable stockings are just what I was looking for. Could you please tell me exactly what yarn you used for the stockings in the photos? Thank you!

LisaD in upstate NY

Thanks so much for the wonderful Christmas stocking patterns. I made 5 this week and hung them on my door wreath. I love the homey, European look they give.


very very cute!!!!!! but...if i try to knit it for my baby? you think it's good? sorry for my english but i'm italian and i'm not very good in it. chiara


I'm new to knitting and while searching out patterns I found your site, your toys and decorations are so beautifully made and so cute they've inspired me to have a go too. It's good to know it's not all about scarves.
Thankyou :o)


I came on here looking for knitted Easter eggs and found a whole treasure of things!

These knit mini stockings are so absolutely adorable. I just can't get over it. I've avoided knitting socks...and also knitting that requires charts. I think going mini at first may get me motivated to doing both of these things. Then there's not as much time invested if the first tries don't turn out as well as I'd like.

I'm trying to learn more so I can help my daughters build better knitting skills.

Thanks for your wonderful ideas and patterns!

teresa higgens

Those are beyond cute! I love them and want to try to learn.


Can I ask is it your rabbit egg cosy in tesco.. sat proudly on a chocolate egg and cup..


Thank you so much! These were pretty easily adapted to knitting in the round and I am using them to perfect my stranded knitting technique (while simultaneously collecting ornaments for my Christmas tree). Thank you thank you thank you!


Gosh, aren't you clever .... now all I have to do is find my needles. Thanks for sharing your lovely designs.


You are gifted! What creative patterns. and Thank you for sharing your gift.

Sue Niven

this is so very cute.Thank you. I have not tried this type of knitting before. Love it heaps


those are the sweetest things I have ever seen. I ned to make a bunch of those for my kids.

Cathy Wright

Your mini Christmas stocking are just what I have been looking for. When my husband and I married our first tree decorations were a set of beautiful mini stockings. Now, almost 30 years later they are faded and worn, but they are the first thing that goes up on the tree each year. My son loves the stockings too, but I can't bear to part with them just yet, so I am going to make him a set of his own so he can carry on the tradition. Thank you for offering this beauiful pattern for free. I live in Hawaii and we would say, "You live the true spirit of Aloha." Mahalo(Thank you), Cathy

Susie Thompson

these are adorable! I am looking for a pattern for a large stocking for my Grand daughter . Do you have one you could share? thanks. Susie


These are sooo cute...wish I could knit more than a scarf...but oh well..I will have to admire them...I have put a link to you on my freebies blog..hugs Khris in Oz



C Kilian

thank you so much for the mini christmas stocking pattern, I cant wait to try it !


I love these...I am just learning to knit and this is the exact pattern i want to make my new baby for her first Christmas stocking! Any suggestions or tips on using the pattern to make a big one?? thanks

Davina Osborn

I have been very busy knitting up your little christmas bears for my tree this year - I even took my knitting on holiday to the cotswolds in Sept - lots of bear making took place there whilst tucked up in a farm cottage. I love the stockings too and can't wait to get started. I still live very much in hope of an animal pattern one day (sorry to mention again) There seems to be so many of us fans out there like me who would not even consider anything other than an original Julie

Frustated knitter, waits in anticipation!!



These are so cute!


These are some of the best mini stockings I've ever seen! (I especially like 3 and 6). I think they'd make fun stocking stuffers, especially if you can fit a tiny piece of candy in them.


i love these little stockings, im knitting them for an advent calander. ive gotta work quick though!!! ive only done about 8 so far and ive only got a couple of weeks to do the rest!! thank you very much for sharing this pattern. i REALLY love the christmas tree one, its so simple but looks so effective! xxx


Your mini stockings are by far the most attractive and easiest to knit out of all the designs I have looked at. I hate knitting in the round and was very happy to find your pattern. I found your pattern last night and have already made two! Many thanks for sharing.

Shizuko Yamaguchi

I knitted them and they are really cute! I showed them to my sister and my friends, who liked them and wanted to knit. May I translate the text into Japanese and attach your photographs to it? If you allow me to, I promise you to confirm them not to use for ommercial purposes and not to recopy it. Thank you.

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