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January 10, 2008



thank you so much for this wonderful pattern! i knew i wanted to knit some easter eggs, so i went directly to ravelry, typed in "easter" in the pattern search and came up with your site - a perfect match. i'm going to try to substitute part of the color designs on the eggs with family members' names and then use them as "place cards" for easter dinner at my house... thanks again. your designs are absolutely adorable!


M1 means 'make one' or increase one stitch. love the eggs! xx


Hi, cute site.

a rose is a rose

how cool is that? thanks so much for sharing!


Dear Julie,
I simply adore the things you make! As I am more into cross stitch, is it possible to order some/many of your Easter eggs. Nothing urgent, March next year will do, but please let me know
Kind regards, Annick

Sheila Becousse

having just taught my explorer scouts (boys and girls aged 14-18) how to knit this would have been a great follow on, but i have missed easter this year, lets hope they can remember till next year. thanks for sharing your skills


I really like what you did

thanks a lot

Have a nice day


I really like what you did

thanks a lot

Have a nice day

Mrs Smiff

These are a wonderful way to use up odd bits of 4ply baby wool or self striping sock wool. I knitted some last easter and put the photo's on my web site and had several comments. I directed them to your web site. However, I have copied the pattern for my friends at church but included the "for personal use" comment.

Many thanks

judy clarke

I love your patterns. I have made the stockings for gifts for my family. Can you tell me if I would be able to get the rabbit in the sweater pattern from you. Thank you!


Beautiful, I am working to get rid of my odds an ends and they look great will send a pic as soon as I figure out how to do that. This should help me to learn to chang colors in avpatern I haven't done that yet. My finished one is all yellow. My next will be Yellow & orange. Thanks so much!


I made your Easter eggs last year and my grandchildren loved them.

Thank you, they are adorable.

Sue Flanagan

Hi Julie,

Hope you don't mind, but I have done another link on my website to your gorgeous eggs, they are beautiful. Your designs are superb I am so jealous...


I just made one of these Easter Eggs and it was such a fun project-thanks for sharing! I noticed that you have different sizes of eggs in your picture above. Do you have a pattern for a smaller size? Or did they just turn out smaller/bigger from using different kinds of yarn? Thanks so much for sharing this project-I'm off to make some more!


Thanks so much for sharing this pattern! I have odds and ends of baby yarn that will look wonderful done up as eggs at Easter!

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how cute!!!

Dorothy A. Benoit

My 2 1/2 year old grandson is coming for Easter. Thank you SO MUCH for this pattern.

Ann Marie

This is the most perfectly lovely egg pattern! I've just made a felted version for my three-year-old's Easter basket, and I can't thank you enough for the excellent design and your generosity in sharing it.


Thanks for sharing your pattern Julie. The eggs are just beautiful. Now my babies have their first Easter present.


These are fantastic. Thanks for sharing them!

K.A. Smith

Julie, I found what looks exactly like this pattern being sold on ebay (Item number: 260379380212) AND eggs knitted by this pattern (Item number: 380111515727). You'll definitely what to check it out.

Plays by the Rules,
K.A. Smith

Sue Niven

thank you for sharing your pattern. Just too cute for words

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I loved reading this post.
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I would love to make a bigger version of these eggs - any suggestions how best to scale up the pattern?!

Thank you


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I got to your site by way of verypink.com. Now that all my boys are getting married maybe I can get some grandchildren to knit for, and I know where I will start. Thank you so much for sharing.

Kinga Maslanka

interesting designs...........


amazing! thank you so much

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