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May 01, 2008


Kate Hall

Just wanted to say what a difference your little pattern has made to the children in my family's Christmas. With money being so tight this year we had decided to to spend out on presents but having found this pattern I have made 12 for all the kids in our family. THANK YOU.

Sue Flanagan

Hope you don't mind I have used one of your pictures to put a link to your website for your wonderful free pattern. If you don't agree I can remove it.
Kind regards


These are the cutest things!! They make the best cat toys!!! Stuff a little catnip in instead of stuffing and use a bell for a tail, cats go nuts!! All of their owners absolutely loved them!!! Thank you so much for the fantastic pattern!!


This would be a great deal of lucj today as i wanted to answer a request from my grandson to make him a tint bear and a bunny and a friend shared this address. God Bless you for sharing this so I can make what he wished for. And yes I may even share some with my charity projects for preemies n others. Thanks so very much.


HI Julie
I love your rabbits they are the best.
I have just finish knitting the mini rabbit and although I followed your pattern it is surprising how different it looks. Mine is thinner and the legs are a bit longer. I expect the next one I knit will also be different they seem to take on there own character. I'm going to knit a stocking next.
Please publish some of your patterns I would buy them all. Thanks.


merci pour les expliations de ces mignons personnages!


What a wonderful find. I was looking for a specific knitting pattern and found this wonderful website.


What a wonderful find. I was looking for a specific knitting pattern and found this wonderful website.


What a wonderful find. I was looking for a specific knitting pattern and found this wonderful website.

Mai Anh

Dễ thương quá! Mình phải bắt chước đan một con thỏ mới được!


You've utterly lost the plot with the teeny tiny snack, utterly adorable. I really love your creations.


how long does it take to mak? is it good for begginers?

knitting sandwich

adorable! i love the teeny cupcake, too!


Thank you so much for this pattern! I love my new little friend! :) I even put boots on him.


these guys are so small& cute! I have a ball of yarn thats so small i cant find a use for it-at least up until now!


I just finished knitting a purple bunny for my six year old. She adores it! I'm not the most experienced knitter, so the bunny doesn't look quite the same as your photos, but it was fun to make anyway! :)

Thanks for your blog.


Very cute little tykes!


that's amazing!
i'm hoping that i can do it like that too!
good used of instructions!

Barbara Coombs

I have only just found your lovely lovely patterns. My many friends and large family are in for a real treat this Christmas!




soooo cute....you must put some more on


Hi Julie. Just found your patterns. Can't wait to knit these and pop them in with my chrissy presents Yhank you so much.....You should do your own knitting book x

Aarti Badamikar

lovely lovely!!
i tried this out as my very initial knotting explorations.
Thanks for sharing :)


all your masterpieces are so wonderful. You inspired me and will try them out soon. Just hope I can understand the instruction chart.


cool.thank you for sharing.hugs Alessandra


This is absolutely adorable...!!
I have to try and make these! (wish me luck)
I wish I was able to make up my own patterns like this, you're so good!!

Literature Review

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Meggie S.

i made one of them, a bunny, and named her peanut :)
She doesnt look as cute as hers...but Im still proud of myself :P

Account Deleted



Thank you so much for the lovely pattern. I just made a tiny rabbit as a doll's toy and it's adorable.

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