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itty bitty dress

This is a pattern to make a dress for a very tiny toy (see here).



It can be made from scraps of yarn - sock yarn or 4ply is best. In order to make it fit, please use the same needle size that you used to make your mini bunny. For instance, the mini bunnies above were knitted from Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran yarn on 3.25mm needles and so I've used 3.25mm needles for the dresses.

Cast on 28 stitches, leaving a tail of around 6 inches for seaming up the back of the dress at the end.

row 1: knit

row 2: knit

row 3: knit

row 4: purl

row 5: knit

row 6: purl

row 7: knit

row 8: purl

row 9: knit 2, (k2tog) 12 times, k2 (16 stitches)

row 10: purl

row 11: knit 4, yfon, ssk, knit 4, k2tog, yfon, knit 4

row 12: purl 4, purl into back of next stitch (leaving an eyelet for the arm hole), purl 6, purl into back of next stitch (leaving another eyelet for the arm hole), purl 4 ( 16 stitches)

row 13: cast off knit wise

Cut the work from the ball leaving a tail of around 8 inches. Using a fine crochet hook (around 2mm) make a chain of 5 stitches using this tail and join it back to the start point with a slip stitch to make a small loop. Sew a tiny button on the opposite side as a fastening for the dress.

I use micro buttons like these:



Weave the remainder of the cast off end along the edge to the point of the row 9 decreases and leave the end hanging for now. Re-thread the needle with the cast on edge and use it to close the seam at the back of the dress with mattress stitch. When you reach the shaping on row 9 tie both ends together and weave along the inside of the seam before trimming off excess.


And there you have a teeny tiny dress for a bunny or a bear.


K2tog: knit 2 stitches together

YFON: Yarn forward over needle - makes a stitch. Start with the working yarn at the back of the work, bring it over the top of the right hand needle to the front and back under the right hand needle again to the back so making a loop them work the next stitch as indicated in the pattern.

SSK: slip, slip, knit. Slip a stitch (as if to knit it) to the right-hand needle, slip a second stitch in the same way, slip both stitches back to the left-hand needle and knit together through the back loops.


Copyright © Julie Williams 2013.



How adorable! I love your little animals! I do hope you're seriously considering making a pattern for the bigger animals you knit and sell- I just love them!!!

Diane Pearce

Lovely Julie. My daughters and grandchildren love the little bears and rabbits - I shall now have to make itty bitty dresses. They use the bears at Christmas and the Rabbits at Easter - I shall have to make myself some. Thank you for the pattern and as usual very clear instructions.

Mary Ann

Thanks so much for this pattern, Julie! My grand-daughter will love it!!!


Thank you for sharing these, can't wait to cast on!


These spurred me to make bunnies and dresses all day today! You're not wrong they are a bit fiddly to put together (I was using 4 ply sock wool though) but I am soooo pleased with them. I added tails (1x bear ear) to the buns. You are so clever and generous to share your ideas. I am in love with these, thank you.


Thank you very much for yor tutorial!!!
Sorry for the bad English.
We are two friends from Italy, we love your works and we try to knit a little bear!
If you want have a look to our blog, we posted photoes and your link!
Naty & Anto


Hi Julie, I have just found you, your work is a delight. As a basic and slow knitter would these little creatures be possible for me do you think. Hope things settle down for your household and that 2014 is a great year for you all. Cheers, Louise


Hello from across the pond, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your BLOG. The gifts I have received from you over the years have been many.

I can now honestly say that "I am learning to knit" thanks to your free patterns, as I am able to follow your in depth instructions, YAY, so happy. I hope to finish the free little rabbit, bear and dresses soon, and then purchase a real pattern, your tutorials and explanations are such a support, that unlike other patterns our there, will be one I can actually finish..

Also I wish to thank you, for sharing your journey with special needs. We are blessed with twin grandsons, being born three months early, has left our youngest with special needs. Your sharing some of your own daily challenges has given me strength to see beyond them, as my grandson like your son, are not to be defined by their bodies, or by their abilities. Each one of us, is so much more than that, thank you so much for guiding me on this journey.

Thank you so much, you are such a wonderful role model, many wishes for a most gracious New Year, xoxo

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