knitted mini christmas stockings
knitted cupcake decoration

knitted flower pattern


Can be used singley as a decoration on clothing and accessories or grouped to make a posy and sewn onto a hairband or hairslide. Knitting it in green will give you a shamrock / lucky clover. I’m sure there are lots of other uses too.

Materials: Using 2.25mm (USA size 1, UK/Canadian size 13) needles and 4 ply yarn


cast on 5 stitches
row 1: **slip 1, knit 3. turn leaving remaining stitch unworked
row 2: purl 3, turn leaving remaining stitch unworked
row 3: knit 3, turn leaving remaining stitch unworked
row 4: purl 3, turn leaving remaining stitch unworked
row 5: knit 4
row 6: purl 2 together, purl 1, purl 2 together (3 stitches)
row 7: knit 1, knit 2 together and pass first stitch over to give 1 stitch on needle
Use this stitch to cast on 4 more stitches (5 in total) and repeat from ** to give desired number of petals (3, 4 or 5)

If you'd like a larger flower then simply cast on 7 stitches and follow the same principle of working only on the centre 5 stitches for the first 6 rows and then decreasing by knitting 2 stitches together at both ends of the following rows until you have a single stitch again. Repeat for the desired number of petals.

To finish:
thread end through last remaining stitch and then gather up the middle of the flower by catching up  2 stitches the from base of each ‘petal’, pulling up tight and tying off the ends.

Attach to article and sew a contrasting french knot / button / felt circle in the centre of flower.

Working on the middle stitches only gives the ‘petal’ a natural curl. Once the flower is finished you can choose to curl petals up or down.



Copyright © Julie Williams 2006.




Love the little cup cakes!!!!!!!!!!
they look good enough to eat.


The colours you use are just so gorgeous. Mmmmm, yarn.



liz white

My mum can only wear very soft things on her feet so I have made her some knitted ballerina-type slippers. She doesn't like them with ribbon threaded through the top edging so I make crochet cords to tie them with and these little flowers look cute on the ends. They stop the cord unthreading itself and look better than pompoms.

Thanks for the pattern, from me and my mum.

Lacey Sinclair

I absolutely love your knitted monkey and wonder if there is anyway I could get the instructions. Please let me know. Thanks, Lacey.


Thankyou for sharing your patterns.


so cute !! congratulations! I will be happy receive news, from you and your pictures ...


I like the cupcake and the flower pattern. Thanks for sharing with us !!

Heather N

Would you consider putting a youtube video of you knitting this flower? I'm a more visual person and learn better by seeing it done.

I love your flower, and would love to learn how to make it!


Aww, those are so cute and just what I was looking for for my knitted MP3/cell cases! Thanks so much!

metro housewife

This is the PERFECT finishing touch for a pair of knitted shoes I made that don't quite look "complete". I love these sweet little flowers! Thanks so much for sharing your pattern.

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Thanks for sharing your idea,i made those knitted flowers and i put it in my jacket,its nice to see as decoration.


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knitted flower pattern was so cute. It seems so interesting. Thanks for sharing this. I'll try to make it on my own and I'm going to follow your tips. Nice post.



I had some wee knitted gifted bags that just needed a little extra pizazz! And a wee flower did the trick!

New Zealand

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You did a great job in blogging about this!doing some knitted flower pattern looks much fun and enjoyable.thanks for the tips. i will try to do this, keep posting!


Thank you for this pattern, I am a complete novice knitter and needed a little something to finish off a hat for my little girl. I used your pattern and even with my dodgy knitting it looks fantastic. Thank you for sharing and I am a new fan of your blog. Please stop by and look at the results


Debbie Took

Thank you so much for sharing the flower pattern!

I'd gotten into a lather trying various patterns for a flower to decorate some mittens. This was middling in difficulty level and definitely resulted in the best flower!

Laura Green

Hi, This is the perfect thing I was looking for to add onto my 1st knitted hat for my 4 year old daughter. I just started knitting a couple of weeks ago. I'm stuck on Row 7: ...and pass first stitch over to give 1 stitch on needle
Use this stitch to cast on 4 more stitches (5 in total) and repeat from ** to give desired number of petals (3, 4 or 5). Could you explain more on this? I'm not understanding which is the first stitch, where I'm passing it...

Thank you so, so much!


Laura: When you K1, K2tog, you'll have two stitches on the RH needle. Using the tip of the LH needle, lift the *back* stitch (furthest from the tip of the RH needle, the first one you knitted) over the front one and drop it off the needle. This is a method of decreasing, similar to binding off. It will leave you with just one stitch on the RH needle.

Turn your work (RH becomes LH). Using a knitted cast-on, CO 4 additional sts and begin again for the next petal. See this search for the knitted cast-on if you're not sure how.

Hope this helps - happy knitting! :)

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I love knitting because this can be used as clothes.



hi I'm really struggling when casting on the 4 stitches, when I have done so and try to slip the ist stitch it unravels before I can knit the 2nd stitch! Am I missing something? Diane


Hey Diane, I was having the same problem, so I tried knitting into the back of the 2nd stitch. That seemed to work.


Love this pattern! I made some up to add to a scarf that was looking a little plain, and they are perfect. Thank you!


This is the perfect embellishment for a little purse i just finished. Thank you so much!


Hi Julie,

I like these little flowers and have used them to make some little hair slides for charity. I have linked to your blog from my latest post about them, here:

I have just one little ateration which I found improves things - after casting on for the second and subsequent petals, I found I was getting an ugly loop at the start of each row, but eliminated it by just knitting the stich on the first row instead of slipping it. Maybe its the way I cast on?

Anyway, thanks for sharing the pattern.

Kind regards

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Janet, I think you might be casting with a half-twist or over-handed. But you're right, this is a note-worthy and attractive little tidbit! I started out to make one for my daughter's doll, and wound up just going and going and now I have a bouquet for my daughter's head! So cute.

Diana Smith

I love this pattern, but I'm really having trouble with the end. The whole To Finish part, gather up two stitches from the bottom, pulling up and tying off the ends? Do I have to pull up and tie off the ends of each petal? Tie off how? I'm left with a string of blobs (really bad knitter), so how do I know which is the bottom of my mutated petal? Also, what is a french knot? (I'm making a headband for my baby girl, so I don't want to use a button). Thanks so much for all the help and sorry for all the questions, I'm just a hopeless (but enthusiastic) knitter!


Thank you for sharing, been having a go bit unsucessful so far but will keep
Can make the cupcakes ok though!

Thank you again for being so sharing

Jilly x


This is adorable, but I wish I could execute it!! I, too, am having problems with the finishing bit. Where am I to "catch up" stitches, what does "catch up" mean? Which end is the base of the petal? And how do I make it look like a flower? It seems like no matter where I stick my needle, the blobs just look blobbier and nothing like a flower....any tips?



they are perfect for what i want thankyou!!!!!

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