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knitted cupcake decoration



a few oddments of yarn in cream, chocolate, pink and red
I use 4ply cotton yarn with 2.25mm needles (size 1 US, UK/Canada 13)
seed beads / sequins / decorations


Cast on 15 stitches with the cream colour for the cake case
Row 1:   (K1, P1) 7 times, K1
Row 2:   (P1, K1,) 7 times, P1
Row 3:   as row 1
Row 4:   as row 2
Row 5:   as row 1
Row 6:   as row 2
Row 7:   as row 1
Row 8:   as row 2
Row 9:   K1, (P1, wrap yarn once around needle* K1) 7 times      * to make a stitch
Row 10: (P1, Knit into the front of made stitch, K1) 7 times, P1
Row 11: (K1, P2) 7 times, K1
Row 12: cast off, keeping ribbing correct

Row 13: With chocolate cake coloured yarn pick up and knit 15 stitches from the back of the finished case (around 1 row down from the cast off edge) taking 1 alternately from the purl rib and 1 from the knit rib.
Row 14: purl a further row in cake colour
Row 15: change yarn to pink colour for the icing and knit 1 row
Row 16: knit a row
Row 17: purl a row
Row 18: knit a row
Row 19: P2tog, P 11, P2tog through the back
Row 20: K2tog through the back, K9, K2tog
Row 21: P2tog, P 7, P2tog through the back
Row 22: K2tog through the back, K5, K2tog
Row 23: P2tog, P 3, P2tog through the back
Row 24: cast off remaining stitches

Cherry on the top:
Cast on 4 in red yarn
knit 1 row
(P2tog) twice, pass 1st stitch over the second and pull end through to secure.

alternatively you could use a fabric flower instead of the cherry or cut a small circle of red felt.

To Finish:
Sew cherry on to top. Sew in ends neatly on reverse. Sew on beads / sequins and attach to T-shirt / tea cosy / greeting card etc...




Copyright © Julie Williams 2006.



Monkee Maker

Oo oo, a cupcake motif for us to make? Where are my needles? Thanks so much for sharing this with us, you're too kind! (ps. when's the book being published?)


Thanks Julie. You know how much I LOVE your cupcakes. Where's my 4 ply???


I know what I'm going to be making this evening ...


Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!

Mandy Mckenna

I really love this design, it's so effective. I'm going to have a go. Thanks.

sandra eileen artisan jewelry for your good life

What a cute pattern. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Cognitive Crafter

Thanks for posting this! Cupcakes are my favorite!


This is adorable!! Okay, this might be a dumb question, but did you stitch it to the shirt or use some kind of fusible interfacing?

Christine Harle

stumbled here on my cyber travels - what an excellent original idea for a homemade birthday card thankyou.

Lace hearts

How gorgeous this is: so glad I bumped into your blog! Thanks for sharing - my daughers will love it.

Lace hearts

How gorgeous this is: so glad I bumped into your blog! Thanks for sharing - my daughers will love it.


UNDERBAR SIDA;och så fina stickade mysdjur,Mvh Birgitta


I LOVE this pattern and have made about 8 of them in the last week and put them on cards and you guessed it everyone else LOVEs them too so I've told them all to look at your blog which I also LOVE and now they LOVE too :o)


Thank you for sharing this cute yummy pattern.I made myself one with the beads for my first try.It was a bit confusing when I started finishing the bottom of the cup cake that would connect to the frosting.


Thank you for the cupcake pattern - I attached one to a cardigan I knitted for my Grand-daughter- Everyone loves it. The cardigan would have been quite plain without it - regards Liz in Australia

Red Ribbon Bakery

Wow that is fantastic.Great job.I like that cupcake.


Jane Whistler

I saw a picture of a 3-D cup cake that had LCR credit on. I would love to make one for my friend's birthday. Where can I get the pattern?


This pattern is delightful! I have stitched my cupcake onto a little gift bag. I am always on the lookout for small projects.

New Zealand


It's so cute. I love it and want to make it by myself.


Wow, I love your blog and the patterns are adorable! I'm going to knit one for my sisters birthday card!


I love this, but I can't do it.
When I try to k1,p1 etc I end up with lots of random loops :(
Is there an alternative??


Hi, love this, made it last night, plan to make lots more. think i am going to use them to sew onto scarves and any other easy items. it's easy to do. i'm not a real advanced knitter - and i did it!


i love this post,keep it up.


knitted cupcake decoration
Cup cakes are easy to prepare and joy to eat during festival times.


Cup cakes during Halloween are my favorites.


Wonderful posts you have on your blog and I have bookmarked you and will visit yours often.


Thanks for sharing this, you run a wonderful blog filled with good posts.


CUP CAKES are less costly and are suitable for all occasions as well.


This is a great post.. I will be sharing it with my friends in facebook...


Thanks for this pattern! I am new to knitting but fancied the challenge - this is probably the most difficult pattern I have down and it was fiddley being so small but I learnt techniques to help, such as using a smaller knitting needle when I couldn't do the decreasing stitches etc. I am really pleased with the result & have made a card for my friend. Oh - and I used a red button (that looks like a smartie) for the cherry top - looks great!x

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