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I designed these charts for a college typography project longer ago than I care to mention! In the past I have used the letters on jumpers for some of the toys but as I'm no longer able to take on orders I thought I'd share them. You can group them to spell out words or use them singly on projects where you want an initial.

The original charts that I designed are here:


You can download an updated pdf file of the charts here: Download Alphabet

Copyright © Julie Williams 2006.



Shawn Mary

Yippee, yippee! Now I can make some initial sweater ornaments to add to my "knitted" Christmas tree.

Thanks Julie!


YAY! This came just in time... I'm putting the finishing touches on a tiny teddy bear sweater for a teddy I knitted, so I'll have to duplicate stitch... but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your generousity. And for your endless inspiration. It will be so nice to personalize for my niece. Merry Happy to you and yours.


Can you provide or recommend a simple sweater (jumper) pattern to use these on? Thank you, they are delightful! :) And Happy Christmas!

mary olson

I love the bunnies! Havent thought about using cotton yarn tho. I love the Christmas Tree Stockings and plan on making those real soon. Thank you so much for the patterns and the bunny cotton yarn idea. Most sincerely, Mary O.

jeanie smith

I love your bunnies! thanks for your easter egg pattern, i made one egg, but my egg is kinda round. I'll have to try harder! Please add me to your to email list. Thanks very much!

Maricarfmen López


margie wilson

I adore all of your free patterns. I would love to knit billy rabbit with his jumper which you said we could knit. I can't find how to get the pattern from your web-site. My family love all of your tree decorations and I am knitting like the clappers so that they all get some in their christmas stockings. Are you able to knit some of your designs for charities? My friends grandson sam is autistic and I would like to do some of your stuff for their coffee mornings etc. Is this possible? Can we have more patterns from you PLEEEEEEEAS? I would love to do some of your cupcakes too but I suppose a cupcake pattern would be out of the question. kind regards Margie wilson

Stephanie R Brown


I have been reading your blog for some time make the most adorable animals!! I was wondering if you are willing to share the patterns of the monkey and the bear??!! I had promised my daughter that I would knit something up for her other than a scarf!! Please let me know how much you would charge. These would NOT be sold...only given as a gift to her!! Thank you so much.


edith wilson

what a wonderful site and sight


I really admire you. You are doing something that I would really love to do. i am just an ordinary housewife who has a real passion for knitting. I love to knit and would really like to sell the items i knit. Have you any advise? Thank you so much.


I really admire you. You are doing something that I would really love to do. i am just an ordinary housewife who has a real passion for knitting. I love to knit and would really like to sell the items i knit. Have you any advise? Thank you so much.



i really love all ur patterns. they're so adorable... i wish i could knit like you do...


This is great I was just looking for letter to knitting on a hat for my neice and her boyfriend who have just gone to polland NZ for New Zealand. Thank you very much. I love the christmas stockings, I can't wait to make them for the christmas tree.

Heather Ricketts

Hi julie!

I LOVE this website!!! i am just getting into knitting (my mum is going to teach me) and these are patterns i will keep in mind and hopefully be able to produce eventually. I LOVE them all. Love the website!!!! Thank you for providing so many cute ideas and patterns.

I was just wondering where/if it is possible to get the pattern for the rabbit wearing the jumper? i want to eventually make one for my niece and nephew!
n e help would be much appreciated!! and did i see somewhere u have a website where u have to pay for patterns? could u post the link just incase i cant find it... will look now!
thank you julie.

kind regards,

Cis Thurston

These are so cute We needed a small alphabet . Thanks

yazı harf alfabe

Thanks so much for this samples knit.

Ann Summers

I love the designs on this website but cannot find the pattern for the rabbit displayed below the alphabet charts, Please can you direct me on your site. Thanks.


Do you know what the best knit stitch is for lettering is? What i mean is do you purl every thing around the letters or knit around the purl? Im confused!
I want to make a personal blanket for my son and im a new knitter and im having difficultty finding the information.


do you have one for numbers? i'm trying to knit my daughters date of birth and name. this will help for the name

many thanks



Congratulations on your lovely site Julie, a little more inspiration is always a good thing. Whilst i may not fully understand your own personal journey i can understand many aspects of it. it is amazing you find the time for your little projects and the time needed to maintain your website. You have made another couple of fans all the way in Australia. Do you have patterns available for the little heart and letter E emblem?

All the best wishes

Gail Levy-Pasqualotto

thank you for sharing your amazing creations...hugs, gail AKA adhdknitting


Awesome! Tks


...working on a sweater for my daughter in her high school's colors; now I can add the H.S. name. Thanks!


I love these patterns. I regularly give the little knitted stockings as xmas gifts with cards or to decorate the presents.

Do you have a pattern for the little jumpers you displayed the college letters on?


Kathleen Quinn

where can we get the pink sweater pattern

Wendy Anderson

Thank you

I have been looking for knitted letter patterns as I am about to make hand knitted advent calendars, I can now personalise the calenders by adding the childrens names at the top.


Do you have any patterns for cursive letters to make a purl/knit contrast? I've been looking all over but starting to think nobody does it. Do they?


It is really nice for me to see you and your great hardwork again.Every piece of your work look excellent.Looking forward to hearing more from you!

Mcafee crack

Great, this is the reason i come to your site almost daily. Your information are always up to date and interesting. Thanks again.

emma wright

I think your rabbits are cute.
where can i find/buy the little sweater pattern from please ive spent hours looking x

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