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This is a bit fiddly but worth the effort and if you can interpret my instructions I'm sure you'll be pleased with the way that you get a distinct vein up the centre of the leaf.

Hopefully I've explained it well enough to follow - if you have any suggestions on a better description of the twisted stitch please drop me a line.

Many thanks!




Using 2.25mm needles and 4ply yarn cast on 3 stitches
Row 1: Purl
Row 2: K1, YFON, K1, YFON, K1 (5 stitches)
Row 3: P1, twist a*, YFON, P1, YFON, P2 (7 stitches)
Row 4: K2, twist b**, YFON, K1, YFON, K into back of next stitch, K2 (9 stitches)
Row 5: P3, twist a*, P5 (9 stitches)
Row 6: K2tog through the back, K5, K2tog (7 stitches)
Row 7: P2tog, p3, P2together through the back (5 stitches)
Row 8: K2, YFON, K1, YFON, K2 (7 stitches)
Row 9: P2, twist a*, YFON, P1, YFON, P3 (9 stitches)
Row 10: K3, twist b**, K1, K into back of next stitch, K3 (9 stitches)
Row 11: P2tog, P5, P2together through the back (7 stitches)
Row 12: K2tog through the back, K3, K2 tog (5 stitches)
Row 13: P2tog, P1, P2tog through the back (3 stitches)
Row 14: K1, K2 together pass first stitch over, pull end through  to cast off

YFON = Yarn forward over needle - makes an extra stitch. Start with the working yarn at the back of the work, bring it over the right hand needle to the front and back under the right hand needle again to the back so making a loop.

* twist a = insert right hand needle into the back of the made stitch purlwise, slip onto the righthand needle and slip back onto the lefthand needle so that what was the back of stitch becomes the front. Purl into back of this stitch)

** twist b = insert right hand needle into the front of the made stitch knitwise, slip onto the righthand needle and slip back onto the lefthand needle so the back of stitch becomes the front. Knit this stitch )



To make the berries:
Using 2.25mm needles and red 4ply yarn, Cast on 3

Row 1: P3
Row 2: K1, YFON, K1, YFON, K1 (5 stitches)
Row 3: P5
Row 4: K5
Row 5:P5
Row 6: K2tog through the back, K1, K2tog (3 stitches)
Row 7: Slip 1, P2 tog through the back pass slip stitch over, thread end through to cast off
Tie both cast on and cast off ends together and use one end to sew base together and make a small ball

Making up
Sew 2 leaves together at a slight angle, position desired number of berries in centre and sew in place.

Copyright © Julie Williams 2006.




Thank you so much for sharing this lovely pattern for holly and berries. I think I might knit some to decorate 'special' Christmas presents. I love your Christmas puddings, they look good enough to eat! :)


The twist stitch instructions were great - I have nice little lines up my leaves! Now I need to have another go at the leaf edges ...


thank you thank you so much for the free pattern.....^___^ love you!!!!!^___^


can you post a pattern for bunny head... please... i really wan to learn.... just the head please......


I made a pudding last week but completely fudged the holly. It didn't turn out as nicely as yours. Will have to make yours as well! Happy Christmas.


I love the Hearts, and Holly leaves with the berries! Sweet. I like the baby monkey pattern too, do you have a pattern for that? Alice

Mrs Doss

I just love it, turned out perfectly, great for Christmas present decorations. Thank you for sharing this pattern.
Mrs Doss

Georgiana Geller

I am having a little trouble with the twist. I was wondering if anybody could help?


Hi, Loved your holly & berries. Have you a pattern for a small christmas pudding. One that is small enough to fit in a Ferro roche chocolate instead of stuffing it. It is a christmas table, an after dinner chocolate instead a small christmas pudding. Would really appreciate a pattern for one. Thanks


Thanks so much for this adorable pattern. Could you post how you did the snow on the hat? I would love to see a side view of the hat!

Minnie Mack

Help please! I can't understand the twist. Can I just pick up the stitch with my fingers and turn it around?


Hi, could you please post a pattern for a small knitted christmas pudding decoration which holds a ferrero roche? Please could you let me know?


Your description of the twist would be miles simpler if it did not say purl/knit this stitch - if that is in fact true, your bookkeeping on how many stitches are worked per row is wrong. Is this simply a purl-through-back twisted stitch? If so, there's no need to make a complicated description - it's simply purled or knit through the back loop. I'm assuming this is what you intended; hopefully working this way will make the pattern accounting correct.


This look good, got to try it!

Donna Wojtkowiak

what does YO mean? or am I being thick?

lorna age 10

what dose yo mean!

Eleanor  Ulrich

I need to know what yfon means in the holly pattern does it mean yarnover to the front???

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